We are Prism Studios 

Pause the social struggle. Shuffle your creative comms. Put your audience on loop. Fast forward to a new perspective. Press play on motion magic. 

Keeping brands moving. 

In any business, it can often feel like we're drowning in a sea of PowerPoints and video calls. With social media algorithms holding so much sway that the relentless pursuit of likes and engagement have overshadowed the real life measurables of ROI, value and effectiveness – the metrics that matter. While we might all have a camera in our pocket to film whatever, wherever, and whenever inspiration strikes, high-quality video production is much more than the mere convenience that our phones give us. It's a chance for us to break the monotony of the content that surrounds us, whether its on TV screens, websites, social media feeds or ad-boards. Making your brand move can be the game-changer that transforms your business. It can empower you to communicate with clarity, discover and engage new audiences, breathe new life into internal communications and craft immersive experiences that authentically reflect your identity. 

A huge range of video services We Specialise In  

Event Videos 
Educational Videos 
Internal Communications Videos 
Ecommerce Marketing Videos 
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From Concept to Creation Our Video Process 

1. The Idea 
Tell us all about your needs and what you’d like to achieve. We’ll then develop this into a fantastic concept that will look great and achieve results. 
2. Research 
We do our research. We don’t just turn up and hope for the best. Getting to know and understand your products and service, as well as those of your competitors, helps us to create something truly unique. 
3. Storyboard & Shot List 
Our writers will transform your idea into a script and storyboard before we even turn a camera on. We feel the hard work begins in the pre-production stage and the final output will be even better if we put the time in at the start. 
4. Film, Animate, Voice & Edit 
This is the stage where production begins. We will bring all the creative elements together to produce your project. Using the best equipment and the best creatives in the business, your idea will be brought to life. 
5. Upload & Share 
We can either send the project directly for you to upload onto your online platforms, or we can take this work on for you. We want to keep the whole process as easy as possible, so if you need us to look after everything, we can. 

Just some of Our Amazing Clients 

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