EasyTots is a business to help babies and toddlers master the skills of self-feeding with less mess. The company’s flagship product, the EasyMat, was designed in 2016 by Helen Davies as a solution to her daughter’s messy eating habits. 5 years later and the brand is a household recognised name in the UK and growing across 25 global marketplaces already. 
EasyTots now carries 21 products in its range and we were honoured and exited to be working on a product video for the new EasyMat MiniMax. Designed as an alternative 'open-plate' version of our most loved award-winning weaning essential The EasyMat Mini divided happy face plate. Perfect for at home and feeding on the go. The new product videos needed to demonstrate the process of using the product, highlight the unique features and show it used it in a real-life setting. 
Our team takes a strategic approach to video production. First working to understand your business goals; then helping you to measure the results of your campaign. This helps us to understand your exact requirements and ensures we meet your marketing and communication objectives. Our social media bundle was perfect for EasyTots new product launch to leave a bigger footprint on social platforms. We customise your content for each social channel meaning you get a bundle of high quality content in dimensions perfect for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. 
Unfortunately, COVID-19 and the lockdown restrictions put in place has had a profound and potentially long-lasting impact on the video production industry making it difficult to film this product in a real-life setting. As the product launch date neared closer, a creative solution was needed. 
So how did Prism Studios make it possible to shoot productions during the Covid-19 crisis? We must apply all the current government recommendations and restrictions and therefore all footage was filmed inside Paul’s (director of Prism Studios) home with his wife and daughter. A stroke of genius and a perfect coincidence made the quality of the production first-class. 
Prism Studios provided 9 videos each tailored for different platforms such as the website, social media, instagram stories etc. We had a great time working with EasyTots again and look forward to working with them in the future. 
Helen from EasyTots said: "With the EasyMat MiniMax, we believe we have created the strongest suction mat on the market. Prism studios have been a delight to work with and managed to get across the products winning USP’s across in a clear, clever and engaging way for our audience. One reservation that people have to buying suction mats is that they lack confidence in the product’s ability to stop their child from removing it. We believe we have solved that problem, so the mat stays put, and children are encouraged to explore their food during eating times.". 
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