Events can spark a sensation of freedom and attendees have a hunger for entertainment more than ever. There is a huge variety of events out there, ranging from musical events to sports events like football games. At Prism Studios, we have a strong passion to film and edit these events to the best of quality to ensure that our customers are fulfilled with the quality of their product. 
As we are a small team, we pride ourselves on our ability to create something unique and creative. We always ensure our event videos convey the feeling of excitement and the vibe from being there. We have been filming events for over a decade and have become specialists in using minimal crew to maximum effect. Before filming, we always make sure that we have unique ideas that will improve the production of the video so that it stands out and is incomparable to any other video out there on social media. This engages the audience of the video because it is something different and unique. 
Sound design and music is a key element in a video as it has to match the style of the event. When we edit, we try and make it look as spectacular as we can to ensure the best possible end product. 
After the lack of events through covid, there is a growing interest in people wanting to go to these events and to push this interest a promotional video would help reach to different audiences and will portray your event in a spectacular way which will draw more attention to your event. “We do not remember the days, but rather the moments”. By filming your event you're allowing your audience to re-watch the event after it has happened, if they missed parts of the event or audiences want to re-cap on the day they are then able to. People want to see what your event was all about inaction. Providing footage from the event can represent your business as being more authentic as there is no script or actors. Authentic video is the kind of video audiences love as they feel more a part of the event. Promotion video will help build hype for the next event, by making the videos easily shareable through online and social media will help you build a large audience behind the next event. Event video can be used throughout the entire buyer’s journey, it can target new customers who don't know what you do but it can also target customers at different stages. Aside from the one main event video, you can use this to create lots of shorter and equally as powerful clips for social media campaigns. Whilst the 90-second full video will work well on the website, it’s trickier ask to get someone on Facebook to engage with a video of that length. As we know, attention spans are getting shorter and shorter in 2022, so having some short punchy clips means you can get your message across. 
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