May at Prism: A Month of Sunshine, Teamwork, and 10k TikTok Views! ☀️ 
May was a whirlwind here at Prism Studios, so we thought we’d share a few highlights! With the sun finally peeking through the clouds, it felt like the perfect start to a summer packed with creativity and collaboration. 
Transforming Offices! 📹 
The month kicked off with a bang, as we transformed the offices of No Brainer Agency into a film set for our client, Smarter Payments. We're incredibly grateful to the No Brainer team for their hospitality – not only did they let us use their space, but they even provided an extra cast member for our production! It was a fantastic way to kick things off, and a perfect example of how our network of fantastic partners helps us create exceptional work. 
One car, four Go-Pro's 🚙 
Next up, we embarked south on a sunny adventure to beautiful Devon for another Places for People project. Travel was a common theme in May, as Paul had to drive 8 hours from a job in Glasgow to Devon the day before the shoot! This full-service production involved multiple camera operators, a dedicated sound technician, live AV support, and even a complex car rig for a carpool karaoke-style scene featuring PFP’s CEO Greg Reed! 
It took an eye Despite the weather taking a turn for the overcast on Paignton Beach, the final results were fantastic! 
The Grand Finale ⚽ 
Our journey with Specsavers' "Best Worst Team" campaign came to an emotional close this month, with the Prism crew joining forces with Tangerine PR to film the final episode in Swansea. From heartwarming interviews showcasing the players' growth to the electrifying energy of filming on an open-top bus touring the city centre, it was a truly memorable experience. Witnessing Harry Redknapp's passion for the campaign was a highlight we won't soon forget. We're incredibly thankful for the opportunity to collaborate on such an outstanding project. Keep your eyes peeled for the final episode landing on the Best Worst Team’s YouTube channel: 
Going Viral (sort of) and Embracing Content Marketing... 🖐🏼 
May wasn't all about client work – we also set out to conquer the ever-elusive world of TikTok! With a goal of posting every Friday, we experimented with everything from trending dances to mini-film productions. The unexpected star of the show? A video of Paul sporting a pair of moisturising gloves, which somehow garnered almost a whopping 10,000 views! We’ll take that! 
If you want to see what all the hype was about and witness probably the most random thing you’ve seen all week click here: 
This foray into the world of TikTok highlights our commitment to staying ahead of the curve when it comes to content marketing. Jess, our Producer, attended a masterclass at Sci Tech Daresbury, hosted by Digital Cheshire and TMC Strategic Communications. The day consisted of a deep dive into all things content marketing, from SEO best practices to social media strategies, and Jess returned armed with a treasure trove of valuable information to share with the team. Stay tuned for exciting new content creation ventures from Prism Studios in the near future! 
May was a busy month, but it was also a month filled with sunshine, collaboration, and a touch of unexpected viral fame (kinda). As for June, we have some very exciting new projects coming up which we can't wait to get into! 
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