What a fantastic year it's been for Prism Studios! We'd like to express our gratitude to all of our clients with who we've collaborated. Coming out of lockdown, we've been able to flourish in such a remarkable way. We have accomplished a great deal in the year 2021. 
One of the year's highlights was relocating into a larger office, which allowed us to convert the space into a studio for livestreaming and future podcasts. Along with livestreaming, we've invested in an ATEM mini pro, which allows us to produce all of the graphics ahead of time so you can come in, film your video, and have a fully finished video in 48 hours! To learn more about livestreaming, go here
The summer was a joy! We had a blast covering events like Comedy Club, River Reeves Foundation, Euros2020, and Symphonic Ibzia at the Golden Square. We're excited for 2022 as we will be at the Symphonic Ibzia event AGAIN! Book your tickets here! Definately such a class night out! 
The Real 5 Networking group is, of course, something important to our hearts. We're members, and this year we've been allowed to give our services for their fantastic networking events. 
It's always a pleasure to work with EasyTots on generating videos for their products. If you need any weaning goods for your children, go here and look at some options. 
This year, we were fortunate to produce a food promo video for Brothers Burgers, a local Warrington restaurant. We had a lot of fun making a #foodporn video, and we're looking forward to seeing what we can accomplish for restaurants in 2022! 
We're also in the process in hiring our first apprentice, Charlie! He's a motivated and talented young man who has been a valuable asset during his summer work experience. 
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