In a world filled with a growing number of distractions, brands today are engaged in a constant battle to capture people’s attention. When we talk about the power of people we don’t mean muscle-bound athletes. At Prism Studios, we like to focus on the impressive power of people to be able to create emotional connections with the video audience. 
You have probably heard the phrase that people buy from people, and it's absolutely true. The most effective videos are the ones where the people featured are generating an emotional connection with the viewer. This simply cannot be matched with pretty pictures. 
When we work with our clients on a video project we often hear them say they’d love to do a video just as long as the as individuals aren’t in it. This may be because they feel they need loads of courage to be able to sit themselves in front of that camera or perhaps it may be that they don’t feel prepared or they’re just plain shy. The good news is that this is a normal reaction and this doesn’t necessarily mean that the person will be no good in front of a camera. In fact, a bit of nerve often makes for a sharper performance. 
At Prism Studios, we do a lot of interview content and whatever the product, server message is, we love to capture people talking from the heart. So if your thinking of making you're debut to a video then here is a few tips we give all our clients before we put themselves in front of the camera. 
An important thing to remember is that it's not courage that you need, just preparation time and that any nerves or hesitation you may have about being on camera is completely normal. By all means, think about what you want to say but try not to learn anything word-for-word. Just have some key bullet points and takeaways in mind that you want your customers to pick up on. If you script your answers to questions you will be tempted to try and return to these scripted lines and your response to the question will likely appear slightly ungenuine. It's important an interview is just as natural as a conversation with no cameras. 
Another tip that may sound flippant is to be confident. You’re likely to have a lot to be confident about. You are the expert in your business and what you do. It's not the people interviewing you who are the experts. If someone’s clicked that play button on the video than the chances are they have an interest in your brand and they want its expertise. Nothing will impress your audience more than perfect examples of your products and services, all presented by the very people behind them talking with confidence and clarity. If a competitor has a video with no people in sight, the likelihood is that your content will be more powerful by having a genuine human touch. 
We appreciate that talking to a camera is far from easy but as long as you are genuinely passionate about what you do, and you care about your products, services and your client you can learn to be a great presenter. Just match that business passion to great preparation and remember to not be too hard on yourself on how you look and sound because the more you do it the easier it gets and you will find yourself developing your style that’s relaxed, focused and genuine. 
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