“Music expresses feeling and thought, without language; it was below and before speech, and it is above and beyond all words.” – Robert G. Ingersoll 
When done right music has such a power over us that it can heighten the engagement of any scene. Since the era of mass media and advertising started the role of music strengthened in video projects. 
So what is the importance of the emotional impact? It doesn’t take much to recognise that we have in our minds a good deal of songs from movies. Most of them reminds us of a certain person, time in our lives and even places we’ve been too. That’s because music and sound design are key in video projects, given the fact that, for us to comprehend and process music, our brains resort to that exact same part responsible for triggering, and to some extent controlling, emotions and memories. It is therefore extremely important filmmakers and advertisers have a good understanding of the emotion that want to convey through their video and most importantly what they want the audience to feel. 
As a small team of creatives with backgrounds in music and music technology. Sound design is something Prism Studios put first. We must ask ourselves questions like does it sound good with yours eyes closed? Does it engage the audience? Does it fit the narrative? And does it give off the right mood? 
In some cases the music should be memorable and the goal is for your customers or potential customers to think directly of your business when they hear a particular tune. Some companies have had their own jingles written for this purpose, as you probably know it from radio stations. The sound design also includes any background noises, interviews, voices, and any other elements that can be as simple as the sound of the wind. When out filming we try and capture as much live sound as possible as a much better impression is created when the sound effects are recorded by ourselves, we also have millions of stock sound effects for that extra subtle noise. 
Ultimately background music is not there to take centre stage. Its primary function is to enhance the other elements. And the skill of sound design will result in more interesting videos that will keep your viewers tuned in, paying attention, and fully engaged. 
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