In the past several years we have moved from brick phones to hand sized screens. This makes it easier to consume approximately 4hours of content everyday especially with the rise of social media, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok to name a few. Paid ads are becoming more prominent now and it is inevitable to not watch an ad whilst scrolling through social media or watching a YouTube video. Watching content has increased massively over the last 2 years with the world on lockdown due to Covid. Our attention spans are now 8 seconds short!  
Now is the time to hop on the trend to create eye catching, engaging and purposeful content for your desired audience. 
If a person has seen the same advertisement a number of times over a few days they are more likely to be convinced to purchase that product; so many companies have and are moving to video content because of this. Not only do companies use video content to gain customers but also use video for internal use as well such as e-learning videos, company videos, engaging presentations and livestream meetings. 
Video will always be relevant because our culture loves consuming media online. So why do you need video content? There are so many reasons why! to make it short and sweet; it is because of how the world is adapting and evolving with growing technology; businesses now need to adapt too. 
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