A PR Agency will handle the reputation of your company through marketing communications. Typically, public relations firms handle a business messaging to the target audience. The main goals of a PR firm are brand awareness and reputation management. A big part of brand awareness is video content, however. The world of media and entertainment is getting more and more competitive. Today, there are hundreds of digital video services, all competing for views and attention. In this environment, public relations firms have a huge challenge to stay relevant, by effectively communicating and telling stories to the target audiences of their clients, despite the massive amount of digital content out there. This where the team at Prism Studios can help. We have an excellent track record for working with Agencies to help create captivating video content that converts. 
So why do PR Agency's choose Prism Studios? We have spent years as a team honing our craft, knowing what makes a good video, one that viewers will not just watch, but care about. 
Half the battle that PR agencies face when they pitch a new creative project for a client is getting them to say yes. Say yes to the script, storyboards, voice talent and music so it takes a great agency to have another team to rely on to anticipate complexities with video. 
At Prism Studios, we always deliver on budget and on time. Making videos is time-consuming and takes more than just basic knowledge to execute, and it can be difficult and expensive for PR agencies to build and maintain an in-house production team. Outsourcing creative work gives PR agencies the same benefits that outsourcing PR does for clients. 
Companies like ours have to be on the cutting edge of technology, equipment and techniques. While many agencies take on these projects in-house, the work being delivered by a true video production house ensures that the resulting creative work with be of high calibre and allow the agency to focus on what they do best. 
The video revolution is happening whether you get on board or not. It doesn't have to be overwhelming or confusing. There are businesses out there, like Prism Studios, who can lift the headache and lower the cost while keeping your business at the forefront of all the media trends. 
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