Information Request Form  For Your Video 

Thank you for choosing Prism Studios. We strive to provide the best service possible, to help us do this please fill out our information request form below.  
At Prism Studios we don’t just create high quality videos we help engage your customers by making your video bespoke to achieve maximum results. Filling out the form in as much detail as possible will greatly help us accommodate all requests and achieve your marketing objectives. Please feel free to contact our friendly team for any questions you may have. Please note this is not a cost calculator, this is simply to help our team create the best possible video for your business. 
Some personal information 
This will help us contact you if we have any more questions to ask. 
Your current online presence 
Videos can communicate the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time, it is therefore important we understand where you are currently posting content so we can tailor the videos length to the platform the video(s) will be published on. 
What are the key messages? 
This helps our team create a creative script that conveys your key points or perhaps you already have a scrpit you would like us to use. 
Please attach any assets we may need 
For example logos, brand guidelines, documents, graphics etc. Alternatively you could email us at or create a shared cloud storage folder such as Dropbox or OneDrive. 
Do you know of any work that’s similar to what you want? Who are your top competitors? 
If so what do you like and dislike about their content. 
We would love you to be a returning customer and will do our best to be worthy of your continued business. 
Describe the desired purpose of the video 
Investing in a video isn't just about checking a box. Deciding on a specific purpose will also make measuring the success of the video much easier. Tell us what problem will this video solve. 
Who is your target audience? 
The business must be communicated in a way that resonates with the audience you are trying to reach. What industries or customers do you normally serve? 
Describe how you currently advertise and measure the return of investment 
Tell us what’s worked and what hasn’t worked in the past. 
Does the video require subtitles or translation? 
As well as making your video more accessable, 85 percent of Facebook video is watched without sound making subtitles perfect for social media. 
What is your Call-to-Action 
What do you want people to do once they’ve watched your video. Think about this path you want viewers to take. 
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