We work with PR agencies to create engaging content for their customers. In this day and age public relations firms have a huge challenge to stay relevant, this is where the team at Prism Studios can help. We have an excellent track record for working with agencies to help create captivating video content that converts. 
As the fight for views and engagement grows, the time to harness animation and video is now. 


We take great pride in our role as videographers making event organisers jobs easier. Our experienced team will work closely  
with you to create the exact vision you have in mind. 
Including a video ad in a product description increases the chances of the item being purchased by 35%. 


Is where the magic happens. Our talented team are experienced in turning footage into a masterpiece. No project is the same and we always look to push the bounderies through our editiing.  
We customise your content for each social channels meaning you get a bundle of high quality content in dimensions perfect for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. 


We have worked on many motion graphics projects. Whether it is for an internal and external audience, motion graphics is the best form of engagement for communicating a message. 
Our in-house creative and production team delivers outstanding and engaging animated content, from product introductions to lead generation explainer videos. Designed to engage audiences and bring communications to life, these often form part of a wider content campaign. 


White label service and act as your production team 

Engaging content for your visual identity 

Conveying complex information in a simplistic way 

High-value content that Generates more sales 

Get more marketing content to use 

Get in touch with our friendly team directly and organise a one-to-one in person or over video call. Another option is to fill out our no obligation form, this form will help our team at Prism Studios understand and fulfil your video production objectives and creative needs. Please fill out our form with as much detail as possible and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. 
01925 699121 
International Business Centre, Westbrook, Warrington WA5 7WQ 
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