Editing is one of the most important parts of the video production process. Allowing us to mould and enhance content to perfectly suit the brief, the editing process produces the final finished video for your project. 
Our team can edit content that they’ve shot themselves or help you to enhance video that you’ve already captured. In order to get great results from the edit, we work collaboratively with clients from start to finish. 
1. Let’s discuss your project 
The first thing we do when we take on a video editing project is get to know the client so we can understand exactly what they’re looking for. We’ll ask about the video you want us to edit and learn exactly what you want to achieve with the finished content. Getting a feel for the nature of the video allows us to provide a high quality service and achieve great results. 
2. Send across your footage 
We’ll then ask you to send across your video clips. You can send them over in a variety of ways, though most of our clients prefer Dropbox or WeTransfer. 
3. We edit your video 
Once we have the clips, our teams will get to work editing them as per your requirements. Thanks to their experience and expertise, our editing team will be able to produce stunning videos from the clips provided. 
4. Review your video 
We’ll then send back a first draft of the video for you to watch, review and amend. If you have any comments or suggestions, our team will listen to your ideas before making the required changes. 
5. Three rounds of revisions included 
There are three rounds of revisions included with our video editing packages, allowing plenty of opportunity to add additional content. 
6. Download and share 
Once you are 100% happy with your video, we will export it in HD 1080p ready to be uploaded anywhere on the internet. 
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