With today's fast-paced and ever-evolving business landscape, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of information and risk bombarding your staff with endless word documents and PDF’s. At Prism we believe effective communication within your organisation is not just a desirable trait but a critical necessity. 
Efficient internal communication is crucial to create a harmonious and balanced workplace, making sure that your employees are up-to-speed, engaged and aligned with your company’s behaviours and values. 
Enter the powerful tool that can transform your internal communication game – video. 

Breaking the monotony 

At Prism, we've long recognised the transformative potential of internal communication videos. The fundamental power of using videos for internal communication is their ability to engage your audience while effectively delivering important messages that stick. Video is dynamic and has endless capabilities to engage your staff, through capturing relevant yet tedious information and injecting life into the way in which your company communicates with your individual staff members. Whether it’s introducing a new company policy, providing training materials, or sharing updates from the leadership team, whatever it is, videos can transform the way you present information that will leave a lasting impact on your employees. 

Empower your communication 

Video cuts through the business jargon and can be used as a tool to convey complex information or concepts to your colleagues. At Prism we believe in humanising your content and presenting your brand’s personality through internal communication. Video is a multi-sensory platform that appeals to your audience and is key in providing an experience that enhances engagement. By Implementing video into your internal communication strategy, your employees can both see and hear information and therefore are more likely to understand and retain it. Using video for training purposes can be a valuable asset for your organisation to streamline this process and reduce the time and resources spent. Using video in your internal communication provides an accessible and flexible way to provide employees with consistent, informative, and engaging training materials. 

Amplify your voice 

Through our team's collective knowledge and experience within video production, we understand the power of personality and narrative that’s often missing from PDF’s and emails. Through seeing and hearing your colleagues, managers and executives on screen, video creates a sense of connection and authenticity for your employees. Internal Communication Videos reinforce your brand’s personality to foster trust and a stronger sense of community within your organisation. At Prism we believe in the power of storytelling. Introducing Video to your internal communications through a narrative format, allows you to convey messages that are both memorable and impactful. Video can be used to share your successes, goals or culture and provide the history of your organisation to engage with employees and instil your values and vision. 
Let us help you tell your story through the power of internal communication videos. 
At Prism we've provided numerous organisations with these videos, which have helped strengthen their internal communication strategies and drive success. If you're looking to make your brand move by enhancing your internal communication and elevate your business, contact us today. Together, we can craft engaging, informative, and impactful videos that will continue to empower your organisation and its people. 
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