Video continues to be one of the most effective elements in a digital marketing strategy as we roll into 2021. Attention spans are becoming shorter and mobile devices are taking over desktops in popularity, in fact, mobile video consumption rises by roughly 100% every year. Despite this many business owners and marketing managers are deterred from approaching video. Aware of how much prices can vary from one company to another, they avoid seeking quotes altogether. We will shed some light on what a respectable quote for video production services should consist of. 
We work closely with every client to understand who you are, what your business is about and what you want to achieve from your video. We aim to make videos that get great results. We also tailor our services to our client's budget and still offer an exceptional service, a high-end finish and a bespoke, client-centred approach. The success of a marketing video should not always be measured by how good a video looks. The only valuable metric you should consider is what tangible business outcome was accomplished. There are so many factors to consider that you shouldn’t feel overwhelmed when your initial answer to the pricing question is: “it depends.” Instead, it’s a good idea to sit down with the video producer to discuss your needs, expectations and budget. At Prism Studios planning is key so we put together a comprehensive video brief and/or storyboard for every project. This is a document that drives the entire process and makes the final product more clear. 
A credible video production company should incorporate quotes for pre-production work too. These could include concepts, storyboards, script development, identifying locations and casting fees to name a few. We always offer project management as part of our quote. This also means that you don’t have to worry about coordinating the whole process. While you may wish to cut corners by doing elements yourself, bear in mind that an agency may save you time. Our producers, for example, have an intimate knowledge of the best spots for video production in Warrington and the North West. 
Once preparation and production are completed and the final ‘cut’ has been made, your video production business will go away and start pulling all those shots together into something remarkable. We must understand and fulfil your video production objectives and the businesses visual identity. Now, it’s time for you to review your video(s), casting a critical gaze over the video before its final delivery. This is your opportunity to share any feedback you may have so that amends can be made before it goes live. 
So, how much should video production really cost? Hopefully, this blog has shown exactly why most video production companies will give you the typical “it depends” reply. But actually, this answer is a good sign that the agency in question is giving you a bespoke service, tailored to your needs. 
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