We are being pulled away from videos on social media all the time, and it’s all too easy to just keep scrolling when we get bored. Despite this videos are one of the best ways to grab your audience’s attention however it’s no surprise the competition is huge in all industries and as a result, making your videos stand out can be difficult. At Prism Studios, one of our top goals when creating a video is not just to create a good video but a video that viewers will remember. A part of this is to understand what makes a video engaging and make the viewer stop scrolling so here are our top tips for improving video engagement with psychology. 
Firstly, as we all know colours have the ability to evoke different emotions, and believe it or not some are better at grabbing people’s attention. Colour theory helps creatives to capture attention and invoke emotions it can also be useful to consider things such as vibrancy and contrast in videos as this can also change the look and feel of your video. 
On social media it is so important to hook viewers within the first few. 65% of people that watch the first three seconds of your video will watch it for at least ten more seconds. And another 45% will watch an additional 20. Our attention span is short on social media, and if your video doesn’t hook them within the first few seconds, they are likely to carry on scrolling. 
Emotions are powerful. Emotions can and will heavily influence or even determine most of our decisions in life. The ‘framing effect’ is what we call it when our choice from a set of options is influenced more by how the information is presented than by the information itself. It triggers a part of your brain called the amygdala which deals with emotions and decisions. 
Show, don’t tell with visuals, the brain can understand visual information in 13 milliseconds, and your visual system activates over 50% of your brain. Lots of text will distract a viewer straight away. 
To sum up, people want to connect with other people, and we often do this by sharing feelings in common. Even in a world that constantly pulls our attention in many directions, you can carve out space in your viewer’s mind by considering adopting just a few principles about human psychology in your next video. 
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