With Warrington being one of the fastest growing and best-connected boroughs in the North West in recent years, it is no surprise that the city has become the go-to hub for many major businesses searching for an ideal hotspot for their events. Fortunately, these events not only serve as a great excuse to meet up with friends and enjoy a bite to eat or drink, but they also help support many local industries within the area. 

Big events are a great way to support small charities. 

After River Reeves, his band Viola Beach, and their manager Craig Tarry tragically passed away in 2016. The River Reeves Foundation launched RIVFEST, a charity festival in Warrington, to provide bursaries and support for underprivileged young people, helping them create successful futures within the performing and visual arts. As seen in the promotional marketing video created by Prism Studios for RivFest Weekender '21, the turnout for the annually held event is consistently mighty, as many come together to rock out to the featured often-local rising musical acts on the cusp of international stardom, such as Liam Hillyer, The A.V. Club, Abi Rose Kelly, and much more. Easily one of the most fun projects Prism has ever had the pleasure to create visual marketing content for, it further served as a heart-warming inspirational piece that aims to elevate the festival's objectives in inspiring even more young individuals from the area to pursue careers within the music, performing and creative industries. After all, many of the local music acts at RIVFEST have previously been recipients of bursaries from the River Reeve Foundations. In a similar vein to RivFest, Prism also took part in content creation for the Symphonic Ibiza musical event held in Warrington's Golden Square area.  
More dance than rock, the Symphonic Ibiza combines an exhilarating live orchestra band with high-tempo hip-hop beats from well-known club DJ Andy Joyce and musical director Steve Etherington. Symphonic Ibiza initially made its British debut at Edinburgh’s Hogmanay and Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Since then, the event has toured up and down the country, where we had the pleasure to create content containing vocal artists such as Sonique, Angie Brown, Rozalla, Alison Limerick, and Marcella Woods, plus not forgetting the colossal backing orchestra which featured winds, percussion, and even strings 

Big events are a great way to support small businesses. 

The FREDIE Awards are always a fun night out. Hosted annually by industry-leading figureheads, the event sets out to champion entrepreneurs and organisations who focus on promoting fairness, respect, equality, diversity, inclusion and engagement among their work values. 
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