Thanks to sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, many universities and schools now use popular social media-based platforms to promote everything from their accomplishments to student workshops or interviews. After all, broadcasting the significance of proper schooling on a vast scale has never been more viable. 
Not only are more people online today than ever before, but video content is easily one of the most engaging forms of content for an audience member. Whether it be bite-sized clips for TikTok or long-form content for YouTube and Twitter, videos are one of the few mediums that allow audio and visual features to present an objective. 

How can video can support educational spaces? 

For example, unlike text-based content, videos can use cinematic graphics, inspiring music, voice-over, and sound effects to influence a specific feeling from the viewer. Elements like this make video content much more entertaining and accessible to a broader audience. Video content is also expandable, meaning not every piece of content needs to be expensive or highly produced to get a message to the viewer. At the end of the day, the key ingredient in having a piece of impactful video lies solely in creativity. Therefore, the focus always needs to be on the quality of the content rather a costly production. However, that's not to say our gallery of high-grade equipment like our FX6 camera, DJI Mavic 2 drone, and Sony LAV microphones do not immensely enhance the overall look and sound of the content. Our Netflix-grade equipment is guaranteed to give the desired content an extra boost in value when positioned against other videos within the current content-creation market. 

Why is advanced production equipment important for informational videos? 

For instance, the FX6 camera has advanced auto-focus meaning the picture quality is crisp no matter the circumstances. Not only that, but the FX6 comes with built-in low-light capability features, so filming during the night or in dimly lit areas is no problem, and variable neutral density filters to diffuse the amount of light coming into the lens. Plus, the size of the FX6 allows for great versatility on set, making run-and-gun style filming more efficient than what was possible with previous top-of-the-line cameras. Last but not least, the FX6's advanced image stabilisation features mean even handheld footage can be transformed with Sony Catalyst Browse/Catalyst Prepare software in post-production to appear super smooth as if the footage were captured with a gimbal or on a dolly. Since all of these once tedious complexities, like focus and stabilisation, are automatically handled by the FX6 camera, the team at Prism Studios can now solely concentrate on telling the story in the most creative way possible when on set. For that reason, numerous acclaimed educational spaces such as TEDx Warrington, Warrington Royal Vale College, Penketh High School, and more, have approached the team at Prism Studios with an urge to evolve their content output. Mostly requiring sleek and contemporary videos developed by Prism to supplement the space's ever-expanding digital presence. For those interested in the possibility of raising their online presence to a whole new level, we at Prism offer a wide range of top-notch services to learning spaces ranging from primary to higher education at a flexible price that fits around the available budget. 

Promotional content for educational spaces 

Prism Studios can give your target audience a taste of your educational events. Having a highlight reel to promote on your social media channels serves as an excellent method of giving a new potential audience a peek into what they can expect from your institution. Best of all, event videography also produces content that is versatile, meaning it can be repurposed as social media content or sponsorship reels. Our team of experts at Prism will help you get the best quality possible from your assets and budget. Likewise, Prism Studios can create any variety of promotional videos for your institution. Promotional videos are incredibly effective in showing parents, students, and teachers your establishment's story, culture, and values. Our in-house team of content creators is passionate about the power of education and how filmmaking can promote positive values. Additionally, Prism Studios has extensive experience developing productions with educational organisations of all sizes, from Primary schools to multi-million-pound lecture companies like TEDx. So, we know that having captivating video content that sheds light on these significances will separate your educational space from the others. In summary, impactful video production can make vast differences in the education sector. Whether it be fast-turnaround courses, educational info-graphic videos to promotional content, Prism Studios can help your institution grow. Whatever the requirements, we can create the video you need. 
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